You should always protect your investment. b&b Waterproofing USA got you covered with deck coatings, finishes, and waterproofing services. If you want to enjoy your deck for more years to come, make sure to contact us. We’ll start applying coatings for all kinds of deck surfaces for you.





Caulking is our specialty. This material serves as an air and water barrier in all kinds of exterior applications. It will help prevent drafts and leaks around windows and doors. The best part is that caulking is available in many colors.






We are your best choice when it comes to waterproofing services. Our professional and experienced team will provide you with the right solution. Unexpected problems can arise during waterproof tasks. You can count on b&b Waterproofing USA to sort out your home or commercial buildings for good.





Fire stopping application should be done by professionals. At b&b Waterproofing USA, we know what we do. We know about systems & materials, ensuring safety & compliance. Our fire barrier sealant protects typical pipe and cable penetrations through fire-rated construction.






Moisture can be a major threat to your home’s value, that’s why we’re committed to providing you with a customized and effective program that treats moisture in your house. We know how to prevent high moisture levels that can lead to pest issues. Call us today!






Different types of sealants can be applied to apply to your project. Proper preparation of joint substrates and correct width to depth ratios are essential to achieving long term durability. We care about providing you with the best quality. Every project is unique, expect nothing but excellence.





Urethane caulks are similar to the popular silicone caulk. We use them as a different option that you can take into consideration. Urethane has many benefits such as high tear resistance, low shrinkage, and water-resistant. Plus, it is paintable. We will always advise you on how to get the maximum benefits from your investment.

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